Business succession ( 3 videos)

Unexpected business succession from the family is very rare but still the successors proved.

Original business ideas (4 videos)

The original ideas from many companies are surprising.Let us see about them.

Employee performance (8 videos)

In many companies the employees have proved more than the expectation of the management.Let us see about them.

Business people’s personal life (10 videos)

Many business people’s personal life is very interesting,surprising and even shocking.

Brand building (7 videos)

Brand building is main part of marketing.

Wrong Business decisons (4 videos)

Business decisions are very important but even in the business world,the mistakes are common and let use see about them.

Business strategies (14 videos)

Business strategies

Mixed bag (5 videos)

Companies missed opportunities, Ethnic food business,Bicycle as family business, Speed and volume of some companies, Turning points in companies, First product of some companies,  Varieties and Options in brand, Products recalled, Impact of war on Business.Business people ridiculed for startup etc.

Business people’s education (5 videos)

Business people less education,Business people with Phd,Business people with surprising skills,Business people without MBA,Business with poor English knowledge etc.